Vida One Diet & Fitness 3.8

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You wont need To see The doctor any more with this Software

                                 VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3

Fitness Features: 

-Personal Information
The Welcome Wizard will provide prompts to enter your personal profile. You may add 

profiles for as many users as you’d like and each profile can be password protected. You will 

enter your personal stats and your target weight and then move on to customize your meal 

information and workout schedule. 

The exercise module is an adaptation of MySportTraining, which tracks both gym workouts 

and aerobic or sports activities. Find the strength and cardio data entry windows and use the 

activity filter to customize your selections. VidaOne provides comprehensive tools to 

accurately track your activities whether you’re starting up at the gym or are an athlete in 

training. If you purchase an add-on, you can take advantage of the simple drawings shown 

with each predefined exercise and the muscle chart to select exercises based on target area. 

In addition to recording your activity, VidaOne allows you to track the weather, your energy 

level and your mood … sparkling!

Convenient icons let you see your activities and progress for the month in one colorful 

calendar. Choose from many icons to graphically show your activities from a 50-mile bike trip 

to an easy family ride. See both weight and calories consumed. 

-Bonus Features

  • Download workouts from most Polar® heart rate monitors.

  • Choose What To Do and VidaOne will tactfully recommend actions to reach your goal 

  • based on your actual eating and exercise habits: “Consider eating less.”

  • Seamless synchronization with your handheld device and a variety of add-on programs 

  • like VidaOneGPS.

  • VidaOne calculators: Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Mass Index and Lean Body Mass. 

  • Enhanced Polar files viewing

  • Trackable gears (by distance or duration)

  • Personal Best workouts

  • Configurable summary view

  • More fields for strength training exercises (rep duration, rest time, RPE, equipment)

  • Enhanced interface using ribbons including a configurable Quick Access Toolbar to store 

  • the commands you use the most

  • BMI and blood pressure assessment with Health records
Exercise & Nutrition: 

VidaOne provides healthy guidelines for losing weight. Once you have established your target, 

the program will calculate a realistic time period for weight loss (or gain) and the number of 

calories per day to stay on track. You may choose from several diets:
  • USDA Food Pyramid

  • High Carb

  • Low Carb

  • High Protein

  • Low Protein

  • Low Fat
As you enter your meals in the future, VidaOne will alert you to food choices that do not fit 

into your diet. Use the Food Organizer to customize your food requirements and include only 

the foods you eat. You may add or delete foods at any time.  You can take advantage of the 

food points and meal scheduling features as well.

Ease of Use: 

The summary view makes it easy to see a monthly snapshot of your fitness progress. Colorful 
graphs and useful icons speed analysis. Easily move from one area to another: Summary, 
Journal, Calendar, Reports and Graphs. Customize both food and activities to streamline 
tracking. Generate clear graphs to illustrate your progress. You’ll find VidaOne intuitive and 
easy to use. 


For help, a PDF User Guide is available, access FAQs online or send an email. 


tracking program. With its synchronization with handheld devices, tracking is streamlined; 

you can record your progress as it occurs. Every feature is designed to motivate: friendly 

icons, customizable modules, diagrams, reports and charts. At home and on the road—

VidaOne is an optimal program to meet your fitness goals.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness is a synthesis of two programs to provide a comprehensive fitness 

You'll have a doctor On your Desktop 

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Vida One Diet & Fitness

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  1. VidaOne provides healthy guidelines for losing weight. Once you have established your target.


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