Exercise # 4: Neck and Arms

In the standing position, arms by your side. In one smooth movement, raise your heels so that you are standing on your toes, and swing both arms toward the sky as high you can possibly extend your arms. Hold this position, with your arms extended straight up and reaching even higher and higher. While in this position, bend your neck and head backward as far as possible. Hold this position for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. Perform this exercise ten times.

stretching exercises

Exercise # 5: Abdomen, Middle Spine and Legs

In the standing position, feet about 12 inches apart, hands on hips. Raise the right hand, bend forward from the waist without bending the knees, and attempt to touch your left toes with the right hand, while keeping the left hand on your hip. If you can not touch your toes, do not be disappointed as you should be able to achieve this after two or three weeks. Perform the same exercise with the left hand and attempt to touch the toes on your right foot. Alternate attempts
with the left and right hands to touch the toes on the opposite foot. Perform this exercise twenty times, alternating hands each time. Remember, the purpose of this exercise is to stretch, so do not be lazy. Try to come as close as possible to touching your toes.
stretching exercises

Exercise # 6: Abdomen and Lower Spine

This is similar to Exercise No. 5 with the difference being that you are performing this exercise in the sitting position, and thus you will be stretching a different portion of the body. Sit
on the floor, legs stretched forward, hands on hips. Bend forward, with arms stretched forward and try to touch your toes. You may not achieve this right away, but as with the previous exercise, you soon will. Repeat this exercise 5 times, with both hands, and then spread your feet slightly apart and with alternate hands, one at a time, try to touch the toes on the opposite foot.
Repeat this 5 times with each hand.
stretching exercises


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