Many of you are probably wondering, is it really possible for me to be taller? The answer
is yes, you can.
For years it has been said that once you reach the age of puberty or adulthood, you
stopped growing well consider this:

1-. In the sport of baseball, a pitcher's throwing arm is usually I to 3 inches longer than his other arm. This is a direct result of exercise, reached after the age of puberty. 
2-. The right arm of every professional Jai Alai player is at least 2 inches longer than his left arm (another result of vigorous exercise.)
3-. There are also considerable regional differences of stature recorded at any given age, this variation being linked more to nutrition and socioeconomic conditions than to genetic factors.

This in itself is positive proof that additional growth in the human body is possible after adulthood has been reached. There is a multitude of additional medical testimony (which space does not permit) that substantiates the promise of added height at ages well into the 50's. In fact most scientist's today agree that it is very possible to increase your height as much as 4 or 5 inches until you reach ages between 50 and 55 years. old. According to some anthropologists, men and women at 40 years of age are continuing to grow well into their 50's and sometimes until 60 years of age. Of course the amount of actual height gained depends on several factors such as bone structure, physical condition, posture, diet, environment, etc.

 According to an article in the British Medical Journal, an investigation revealed that growth may be prematurely stopped in the vertebral bodies (spinal chord) by excessive pressure upon the epiphysial centers (spinal discs). By removing this pressure, which can be done by following the program in this book, normal growth can be resumed and continued into the middle ages of life.

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