stretching exercises

By now you should have completed your first week of stage I (preliminary exercises)
which you did every day, twice a day. By this time you should notice a general feeling of better
health and awareness about yourself. Any problems with poor posture should have been corrected
by this tune-up. You should be sleeping more comfortably now that you've straighten your body
out on a firm mattress and learned to "kick" the pillow habit. And yes, there is an excellent
chance that you have noticed a little bit more of you than usual when standing in the mirror.
That's right, some of you have already begun to notice an increase in your stature. If you haven't,
there is no need for alarm. We've only just begun, so please dismiss any negative attitude.
Remember, you have the rest of your life to be short. So keep giving a 100% effort and the results
will come.

At this time, however, you are still not fully prepared to start our Stage III (Advanced
) program. Your body still needs to be conditioned and prepared for each demand placed

on it. The same as with an athlete, your body must be in shape to guard against severe strain
resulting in torn ligaments, or over exertion which occurs when your body is not physically
prepared to handle such stress and strain.

These Stage II (Regular Exercises) will do the same things as the Stage I Exercise did
plus much more with more results. But, remember they should not be attempted until at least one
full week of the Stage I Exercises have been completed. Your body is now ready for more strain,
more exertion, and more stretching than it was me week ago.
These exercises are designed to not only help in the continued straightening of the spine
but, also in stretching the body and strength of the muscles involved. This is how you're going to
accomplish your ultimate goal of more height.
You will continue to perform the Stage I Exercises every day in addition to the Stage II
Exercises. To avoid over exerting yourself, we advise doing only 5 out of the 15 Stage II
exercises each day and rotating them each day. For example you would perform the first 5 on the
first day, the second 5 on the second day, and the last 5 on the third day. Repeat this cycle 6 more
times, for a total period of 21 days doing both Stage I and Stage II Exercises.
Remember to eat a well-balanced diet during this 21 day span and the previous 7 days,
and if necessary, develop a vitamin supplement program, get plenty of rest each night and hold
your posture straight and tall at all times.
By following our directions accordingly with this exercise you could add as many as 2 or
3 additional inches to your height and look forward to several extra inches in the following 12


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. So freak'n great blog!

  3. Anonymous Says:
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  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. will taking L-argenine help in growing?

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Will these exercises surely help in gaining height even at age of 21?? Hoping to see a reply soon... Thanks....

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I'm 23 and I've grown 2 cm after the second week :D

    thank you very blog ever!!!
    still a lot of work to do ^_^

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. at this stage the exercises must be done once a day??

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. we have to do the second stage twice a day (like the first stage) or just once?

  15. Hamna Anwar Says:
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