Advanced Exercises Introduction

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stretching for growth
A total of four weeks have passed since you first started our exercise program, and if
you've followed our instructions carefully and dedicated yourself toward your goal of being taller,
you should have at least increased your height by one or two inches and possibly as much as three
or four inches.
Maybe you have noticed that many of your clothes are now too short for you and may not
fit properly because of your thinner waistline and improved posture as an extra bonus in addition
to your extra height. By now our training program should be a regular part of each day for you.
Your body is now in much better condition to handle any additional demands or rigorous training
placed on it.
Before you start the Stage III (Advanced Exercises), you are probably wondering how
many more weeks or months you must devote to these exercises. Actually there is no specific
time period or answer to this question it is entirely up to you and how tall you would like to be.
Now that you've finished the Stage II Exercises, you have the rest of your time to devote to these
advanced exercises. You are required to perform all 10 of these Stage III (Advanced Exercises)
each and every day for periods of 7 consecutive days. You may then cease the exercises, for a
period of 2 days, and then you must resume the program for another 7 day circle. The 2 day
interval between cycles is simply a precautionary measure to eliminate the possibility of
exhaustion, strain, or other stress. Keep repeating the cycle over and over again for several
months or longer depending on the results you want to achieve. As a general rule, you will notice
an. additional increase in your height after only 2 or 3 weeks of performing this advanced
exercise program. The increase will be between 1/2 inch and 2 inches. Since each individual is
different, it is impossible to accurately predict any one person's results. There are too many
factors involved. Some of you will achieve rapid results while others will take longer to achieve
the same results.
Each person should keep a written record of his or her starting height, and proceed to take
measurements every 7 days. Do not measure your height more than once every 7 days, since it
can be very discouraging if you find little or no increase at all from the previous day. On the other
hand, if you take a measurement once a week, I'm certain you will be pleased with your
You should be able to sufficiently complete all of the 10 advanced exercises within thirty to fortyfive
minutes. To obtain the maximum results from these exercises, they should be performed
shortly before going to sleep. This way your body will have the whole night to rejuvenate itself
while you sleep. Remember, in addition to these exercises and getting plenty of rest, eat a well
balanced diet consisting of the right nutrition needed for promoting growth.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I was did try this it seems its works out for me just 2 inch very helpful program. Thank you so much! More power to your website <3

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. slt et bonsoir monsieur je veux remercie pour ce blog mais je veut dire que je suit un homme d'une petite taille je mesure 1.67 cm et je veux gagner des centimetré 10 est ce que cé possible je confronte beaucoup des problème pour ceci plz est ce qu'il ya un espoir j'ais 20 ans est ce que ce programe m'aider de faire mon réve et j'aime savoir comment je peux faire pour crée une alimentation équilibré finalement est ce que je suis obligé de suivrez les étapes étape par étape c'est nécessaire ou nnn ne pas possible de commencer avec les exercices avancés je pass une semaine par ces exercice et je mesure méme plz aidez moi je soufre vraiment je soufre

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. how old are you and how long did you use to exercise?

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. hi im neha. my height is just 4'10 and i m 19 year old . i have been doing preliminary and regular exercise for 2 weaks but i didnot get any result.pls advise me any other option. plsssssssssss

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. no results :( :( :(

  11. aldyvdg Says:
  12. just wanna know if will do the preliminary and regular together with this advance exercise?

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. Do I need to do these once or twice a day?


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